Executive Retreat January 2009

Twelve women joined us for the inaugural Executive Retreat session in January 2009 at the beautiful Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Itasca, Illinois. The two days included workshops on such topics as Leadership Style and Skills; Communication and Conflict Resolution; Supervision; Building a Healthy Organizational Culture, and Developing a Personal Mission Statement. Curbside Consulting sessions with Laura McAlpine and Mary F. Morten were also available, as well as time for personal reflection and relaxation at the Eaglewood Spa.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants requesting dates for a second session, which took place in July 2009. Afterward, the women who attended utilized the networking opportunities presented, and met with each other to provide support and continue the work they began at the retreat. As follow-up, Morten Group conducted calls with the cohort to check on the participants' progress toward their professional and personal goals.

Nurys Harrigan, of Careers in Nonprofits, was a co-sponsor of the retreat, and we thank her for her contribution to its success. For the July follow-up session, special thanks go to Painted Light, Edgewater Soaps and Chicago Foundation For Women.

"I needed this retreat! In the everyday hustle and bustle of various responsibilities we fail to do self-care. This retreat allowed not only that aspect from the spa experience, but the opportunity to reflect and share with others our personal goals for transformation professionally and personally. It was worthwhile and the networking aspect was very powerful!"
~Gaylon Alcaraz, Executive Director

"This was absolutely necessary for me. I LOVED the mix of spa/self-care and didactic learning/sharing. Laura and Mary are excellent facilitators. You give credibility to this learning."
~Lesley Kennedy, Executive Director

"The Executive Retreat quickly created an open and productive atmosphere which resulted in a whirlwind of information, networking and spa activities--leaving me challenged yet refreshed and focused. Thanks!!"
~Judy Gall, Executive Director

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